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~ FREE SHIPPING ON ALL UK ORDERS OVER £50 ~ Tel: 01803 527833

Seven MX Zero Youth Compression Jersey (Charcoal)

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Size: YXL

Youth Compression Jersey Seven MX Zero Charcoal: Elevate Your Performance

Step into the world of premium motocross gear with the Youth Compression Jersey Seven MX Zero Charcoal, tailored for the ambitious young rider aiming for the pinnacle of performance and style. This jersey embodies the spirit of competition and the relentless pursuit of excellence on the motocross track.

Unmatched Comfort with Moisture-Wicking: The Seven MX Zero Charcoal Jersey leads with its superior moisture management system. Essential for maintaining comfort and focus, the advanced fabric efficiently wicks away sweat, keeping riders cool and dry through every challenge.

Optimised Fit for Dynamic Riding: Engineered for youth riders, this jersey offers a compression fit that perfectly balances muscle support with unparalleled freedom of movement. It empowers riders with the confidence to navigate the bike with agility and precision, essential for those tight turns and high jumps.

Durability That Lasts: The toughness of the motocross track demands gear that's just as resilient. The Zero Charcoal Jersey is crafted from materials chosen for their lightweight yet durable qualities, ensuring it can take on the abrasions and impacts of the sport without compromise.

Bold Design for Maximum Impact: The Charcoal version of this jersey doesn’t just perform; it stands out. Its striking design, featuring sleek, dynamic graphics, ensures young riders are visible on the track, making a statement with every race.

Protection Against the Elements: With added UV protection, the jersey shields riders from the sun’s harmful rays, a crucial feature for those long days outdoors, ensuring safety and comfort in equal measure.

Key Advantages:

  • State-of-the-art moisture-wicking fabric for dry, comfortable riding.
  • Youth-specific compression fit enhances mobility and muscle support.
  • Constructed with durable, lightweight materials to withstand motocross demands.
  • Sleek, eye-catching design for standout visibility on the track.
  • Includes UV protection to safeguard against sun exposure.

The Youth Compression Jersey Seven MX Zero Charcoal isn't just gear; it's a declaration of intent. It combines cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and essential protection to support your young rider's ambition and drive. Gear up to make every ride unforgettable, with the ultimate jersey designed for future champions. 

ABOUT THE BRAND: Seven – Founded by American athlete James Stewart in 2013 to take athlete apparel and protection to heights never before reached. With his fierce competitive nature and passion for performance, James set out to assemble a team of like minded creatives and visionaries that would ultimately help him see into the future. Now collectively as a team and a family, Seven will continue to push the boundaries, just as James Stewart has done his entire career. Seven – Redefining Limits.

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