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~ FREE SHIPPING ON ALL UK ORDERS OVER £50 ~ Tel: 01803 527833

Seven MX 24.1 Zero Institution Motocross Kit (Black, Over-Jersey: M / Pants: 28)

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Sizes: Over-Jersey: M | Pants: 28

The Seven MX 24.1 Zero Institution Motocross Kit represents the pinnacle of racing performance gear, tailored for riders who demand the utmost in functionality and style. 

  1. Innovative Layering System:
    • Over-jersey designed to work in tandem with Zero Compression Jersey
    • Optimises body temperature regulation and muscle support
  2. Unparalleled Mobility:
    • Over-jersey: Ultra-lightweight poly stretch mesh construction
    • Trousers: 4-way stretch material for unrestricted movement
    • Both pieces offer resistance-free mobility crucial for aggressive riding
  3. Advanced Ventilation:
    • Over-jersey: Breathable mesh fabric maximises airflow
    • Trousers: Engineered for optimal cooling during intense rides
    • Maintains rider comfort and focus in challenging conditions
  4. Performance-Driven Fit:
    • Both: Race cut chassis with tailored athletic fit
    • Reduces bunching and excess bulk for a streamlined silhouette
    • Enhances aerodynamics and rider movement on the bike
  5. Durability Meets Comfort:
    • Trousers constructed to withstand motocross rigours
    • Maintains comfort and flexibility despite robust build
    • Ideal for riders who demand longevity from their kit
  6. Professional-Grade Design:
    • Trousers designed by world-class racer James Stewart
    • Incorporates cutting-edge technological advancements
    • Engineered for the highest level of athletic performance
  7. Enduring Style:
    • Non-fade sublimated graphics on both pieces
    • Maintains a professional appearance throughout the racing season

This kit is ideal for serious motocross riders looking to elevate their performance. It addresses key concerns such as mobility, ventilation, and durability while offering a professional-grade design. The innovative layering system and race-specific features make it particularly suited for competitive riders pushing the boundaries of the sport.