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~ FREE SHIPPING ON ALL UK ORDERS OVER £50 ~ Tel: 01803 527833

Risk Ripper Automated Goggle Roll Off System

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Original price
£119.99 - £119.99
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In the Box

    • The Ripper
    • Wireless Handlebar Remote
    • Instruction Sheet
  • The remote sits conveniently next to your grip, allowing easy access to press the button.
  • The wireless main unit replaces the need to take your hand off the handlebar to reach up and pull the cord on the roll-off system. Not only is this safer, but faster, and means you're free to clear your vision whenever you NEED to!

  • With a tap of the button, the arm pulls the cord in a rapid-fire motion, clearing vision in less than 1 second*
  • With the Ripper you no longer need to take your hand off the the handlebar to clear your vision!
  • The pull cord is still operational even when The Ripper is attached.
  • Sync the Ripper to multiple Wireless Remotes for multiple bike setups.
  • Universal goggle strap mount works with your favourite goggle roll-off system*.
  • Press Remote button to activate the Ripper for approx 1.5 seconds. Use this mode to clear vision automatically with a tap of the button.
  • Press & HOLD Remote button to activate the Ripper for desired time (up to 5 seconds). Use this mode to have more control of roll usage.
  • At only 4.1oz (116g) it's lighter than the typical action camera setup and almost half the weight once you include action camera mounting hardware.


  • Clear goggles in as little as 1 second
  • No more taking hands off handlebar to clear roll-off
  • Use almost any roll-off goggle*
  • Manual override incase of mechanical failure or damage
  • Quick set up
  • Auto-Burst Mode or Momentary/Continuous Mode
  • Sync multiple Rippers to one remote for quick change in race situation
  • Micro-USB rechargeable
  • Battery life lasts up to 10 rolls
  • Weather Proof
  • Lightweight at only 4.1oz (116g)