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~ FREE SHIPPING ON ALL UK ORDERS OVER £50 ~ Tel: 01803 527833

Risk EZ5 Utility Jug (Combo Set)

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The EZ Utility Jug is the perfect solution for transporting fluids.

Made from thick-walled, high-density polyethylene plastic, the EZ Utility Jug is durable enough to hold up to any fluids you may transport. It also features a unique breather that allows for adjustable venting, preventing leaks and spills.

The EZ Utility Jug is available in 3 gallon (12 litre) or 5 gallon (20 litre) sizes, and features a 3 ergonomic handle design for easy carrying and pouring. It also has a flat surface in the centre of the jug for custom graphics.

For added convenience, the EZ Utility Jug can be securely transported with the EZ Floor Mount. This hardened steel frame mounts easily to the floor of a trailer, van or truck bed, and the EZ Utility Jug then snaps right in place, preventing it from falling over during transit. Additionally, a padlock can be placed through the EZ Floor Mount to securely lock the EZ Utility Jug to your truck or trailer, protecting your investment.

The EZ Utility Jug is the perfect choice for transporting fluids, whether you're a professional or a weekend warrior. Order yours today!


  • Durable thick-walled HDPE plastic
  • Unique breather allows adjustable venting, prevents leaks/spills and won't fall out or get lost
  • 3 ergonomic handle design
  • Flat surface in centre of jug for custom graphics
  • Transport safely and securely with the EZ Floor Mount
  • Recommended with our "Hose Bender" spout


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to carry and pour
  • Prevents leaks and spills
  • Customisable graphics
  • Secure transportation
  • Recommended with "Hose Bender" spout