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~ FREE SHIPPING ON ALL UK ORDERS OVER £50 ~ Tel: 01803 527833

Plews Tyres MX3 FOXHILLS GP Hard Rear Tyre (90/100–16)

by Plews
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£57.60 - £57.60
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PLEWS TYRES MX3 FOXHILLS GP: Conquer Hard-Pack Terrain

Engineered for super hard pack, fast, and stony tracks, the MX3 FOXHILLS GP 90/100-16 tyre brings Foxhill-inspired performance to your ride.

LFC Technology (Lateral Flex Control):

  • Features: Revolutionary carcass design using high-grade race polyester
  • Benefits: Lighter weight, superior heat resistance, enhanced flexibility, increased durability
  • Result: Unparalleled stability, precision control, and cornering confidence in demanding conditions

CCT Technology (Chipping and Chunking Tread):

  • Features: Optimised for intermediate to hard terrains, tested using special footprint machines
  • Benefits: Supports high lean angles and loads, adapts to varying soil conditions
  • Result: Significantly reduced block damage, consistent performance across different terrains

CCRC Technology (Chipping & Chunking Resistant Compound):

  • Features: Developed by UK chemists, utilises data from specialised rubber loss testing
  • Benefits: Superior resistance to chipping, chunking, and tearing
  • Result: Extended tyre life, maintained performance over time, even in harsh conditions

Advanced Design Features:

  • Features: Asymmetric tread design, larger tread blocks, precision-cut blocks
  • Benefits: Improved ground contact, better comfort on hard terrain, enhanced bite
  • Result: Maximum traction, superior feel, and optimal control in challenging conditions

The MX3 FOXHILLS GP 90/100-16 combines cutting-edge technology with precision engineering to deliver top-tier performance. From the start gate to the chequered flag, this tyre provides the confidence and control needed to stay ahead of the competition on hard-pack tracks.

Experience the pinnacle of British tyre engineering with PLEWS TYRES. Elevate your hard-terrain performance today.