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~ FREE SHIPPING ON ALL UK ORDERS OVER £50 ~ Tel: 01803 527833

Oakley Airbrake® MTB Troy Lee Designs Series Goggles (Blue Lightning)

by Oakley
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The Airbrake® MX Troy Lee Designs Series Goggles represent the pinnacle of motocross eyewear technology. Featuring a pure Plutonite™ lens with unmatched impact resistance, these goggles set a new standard in rider protection and performance. The Prizm Mx Sapphire Iridium lenses, coupled with Oakley's Switchlock™ Technology, offer superior visibility and adaptability across various terrain and light conditions. With a wide field of view, exceptional comfort, and top-tier performance, these goggles are engineered to give riders a competitive edge in every aspect of motocross.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. High-Impact Resistance Plutonite™ Lens: Unparalleled eye protection • Why it matters: Provides riders with confidence to tackle challenging terrain without compromising safety
  2. Prizm™ Lens Technology: Enhanced contrast and detail visibility across various light conditions • Why it matters: Allows riders to read terrain more accurately, improving performance and safety
  3. 100% UV Protection: Shields eyes from harmful UVA, UVB, UVC, and blue light up to 400nm • Why it matters: Protects riders' vision during long outdoor rides
  4. F3 Anti-fog Coating: Prevents lens fogging • Why it matters: Maintains clear vision in varying temperatures and humidity levels
  5. Switchlock® Lens Change Technology: Fast and easy lens interchangeability • Why it matters: Allows riders to adapt quickly to changing light conditions
  6. Rigid Exoskeleton with Flexible O Matter Faceplate: Conforms comfortably to the face while maintaining structural integrity • Why it matters: Ensures a secure fit without compromising comfort during long rides
  7. Triple-layer Face Foam Fleece: Wicks away sweat • Why it matters: Keeps riders comfortable and prevents sweat from interfering with vision
  8. Interchangeable & Adjustable 4mm Strap with Silicone Lining: Secure fit with most helmets • Why it matters: Ensures goggles stay in place during aggressive riding
  9. Included Accessories - 7 laminated tear-offs, removable nose guard, standard outrigger strap attachments: Versatility and extended usability • Why it matters: Allows riders to customise their setup and maintain clear vision in muddy conditions
  10. Troy Lee Designs Blue Lightning Strap: Distinctive style • Why it matters: Adds a professional, branded look to the rider's gear

The Airbrake® MX Troy Lee Designs Series Goggles combine cutting-edge technology with practical features that address the core needs of motocross riders. From superior impact protection and visibility enhancement to comfort and customisation options, these goggles are designed to elevate every aspect of a rider's performance. Whether you're competing at the highest levels or pushing your limits on weekend trails, these goggles provide the protection, clarity, and confidence needed to conquer any motocross challenge.