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~ FREE SHIPPING ON ALL UK ORDERS OVER £50 ~ Tel: 01803 527833

Oakley Airbrake® MTB Goggles (Prizm Mx Bronze Lenses, Viridian Striped Strap)

by Oakley
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The Airbrake® MTB Goggles redefine the standard for motocross eyewear, offering unparalleled performance from enduro to downhill riding. These goggles combine cutting-edge technology with rider-focused design to combat common challenges such as fogging, heat build-up, and debris intrusion. With the innovative Prizm MX Bronze lens and the exclusive Factory Lite Vent mesh, these goggles provide superior visibility and comfort in various light conditions and terrains. Whether you're navigating technical trails or pushing your limits on high-speed descents, the Airbrake® MTB Goggles are engineered to enhance your riding experience and give you a competitive edge.

  • Prizm MX Bronze Lens • Benefit: Optimised visibility in overcast conditions • Why it matters: The 40% light transmission and bronze base colour enhance contrast and depth perception, crucial for reading terrain accurately
  • Debris Protection • Benefit: Helps prevent mud, debris, and rocks from entering the goggle • Why it matters: Maintains clear vision and protects eyes, allowing riders to focus on the track
  • Anti-Fogging Technology • Benefit: Minimises lens fogging • Why it matters: Ensures consistent visibility in varying conditions, critical for safety and performance
  • Factory Lite Vent Mesh • Benefit: Increased airflow and ventilation, especially at slower speeds • Why it matters: Keeps riders cool during technical sections and prevents overheating during intense rides
  • Heat Management • Benefit: Reduces heat build-up inside the goggle • Why it matters: Enhances comfort during long rides or in warm conditions
  • Versatility • Benefit: Suitable for both enduro and downhill disciplines • Why it matters: Offers a single goggle solution for various riding styles and terrains
  • Viridian Striped Strap • Benefit: Secure fit and distinctive style • Why it matters: Keeps goggles firmly in place during aggressive riding while adding a unique aesthetic appeal

The Airbrake® MTB Goggles represent a perfect fusion of form and function. They address the core needs of motocross riders - clear vision, protection, and comfort - while also offering style and versatility. The Prizm MX Bronze lens technology adapts to changing light conditions, ensuring optimal visibility whether you're riding under overcast skies or dappled forest shade. The goggle's ventilation system works in harmony with your riding style, providing increased airflow when you need it most. With its robust construction and thoughtful design, these goggles are ready to take on whatever challenges the trail presents, allowing you to focus on your ride and push your limits with confidence.