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~ FREE SHIPPING ON ALL UK ORDERS OVER £50 ~ Tel: 01803 527833

Muc-Off HCB-1

by Muc-Off
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 Keep your prized vehicle in pristine condition with the Muc-Off Harsh Condition Barrier (HCB-1). This advanced thin-film coating effectively combats rust and corrosion, making it an essential upgrade for winter months or year-round protection. With up to 12 months of durability, HCB-1 ensures your bike remains in top-notch condition.


  • Wide applicability: Suitable for bicycles, e-bikes, motorcycles, e-moto bikes, UTVs, ATVs, quads, side-by-sides, snowmobiles, jet skis, and other watercraft
  • Comprehensive protection: Creates a durable, anticorrosive layer on the frame, chain, metal parts, plastics, and paintwork
  • Rust elimination: Dissolves existing rust
  • Long-lasting efficacy: Provides over 300 hours of salt spray protection to ASTM B-117 standards
  • Innovative formula: Strong capillary action allows it to penetrate tight cracks and crevices
  • Complete coverage: Contains UV application dye to ensure thorough protection
  • Resilient: Resistant to hot, cold, and saltwater environments
  • Self-healing barrier: Active protection for up to 12 months
  • Safe application: Suitable for electrical components, paintwork, and most rigid plastic trims
  • Clean formula: Free from wax, silicone, Teflon, and water


  1. Surface preparation: Thoroughly wash and dry the surface before applying. Test a small area for surface compatibility before full coverage.
  2. Application conditions: Ensure the surface is cool and out of direct sunlight.
  3. Shake well: Shake the can to activate the formula. Use the extension straw for precise application.
  4. Apply coating: Apply a thin, even film of spray on the desired surface and allow it to dry completely. Wait up to 24 hours for full curing to ensure optimal protection.
  5. Check coverage: Use a UV torch (sold separately) to verify even coverage.

Note: Do not apply Harsh Condition Barrier to tire treads or braking surfaces.


  • Hazards: Extremely flammable aerosol. Pressurized container—may burst if heated. Keep out of reach of children.

Muc-Off Harsh Condition Barrier is the ultimate solution for protecting your vehicle in the harshest environments, providing long-lasting protection and keeping your ride looking fresh all year round.